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Florida is now in Phase I recovery and our office is open to see infants and children for their scheduled follow-up appointments. We will continue to prioritize your time-sensitive new and urgent pediatric ear, nose, throat care requests. Our practice will continue to take infectious disease prevention steps to keep the office safe and to allow for physical distancing. We thank you for understanding that quality personalized patient care will remain balanced with the needs our community. For your convenience, we have added a telemedicine option for our patients upon request. We appreciate your ongoing assistance as we enter the long plateau phase of the Coronavirus pandemic in northeast Florida.  To reach Dr. Wohl when the office is closed, please call the main telephone number and dial ext. "230" to be transferred to his pager.

We are encouraging families to evaluate their situation and to contact us to discuss their child’s pediatric ENT care and management options if there are any uncertainties as to the appropriate timing of their appointment.

Our plan is to prioritize care for recurrent middle ear infections, chronic ears disease, hearing loss, refractory upper respiratory inflammatory symptoms, sinusitis, obstructed breathing & pediatric sleep apnea, plus newborn feeding & breathing problems.

We are asking all parents and patients to bring facial covering while in the office to reduce the potential for unintended community spread of the virus.

  1. New patient appointments are available and remain prioritized.
  2. Appointments in the office are being staggered in time to better promote physical distancing.
  3. Elective surgical cases are now able to be scheduled.
  4. Parents are encouraged to evaluate their situation and call if they have questions regarding the timing of their child’s ENT care and to discuss confirming their appointment, converting to a telemedicine appointment, or whether to be rescheduled at a later date.
  5. If you, or any of your children, have signs and symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or are over 65 years old, we cannot allow you into the office at this time.
  6. Our plans will continue to be assessed and modified to meet the guidelines presented to us by our local, state, and national government healthcare institutions.

Northeast Florida appears to be at the start of what will most likely be a long plateau phase of our peak patient load. Hospitals are well prepared, and it appears that we will not run out of ICU rooms, protective equipment, or ventilators. We are dealing with an infectious healthcare outbreak from a novel respiratory virus and have already begun to uncover some of its secrets and vulnerabilities. A true worldwide cure and community herd immunity is still far away. We need to remain mindful for the safety of our society’s vulnerable citizens and to remember that there may still be asymptomatic children and parents who remain unsuspecting carriers. We will all benefit if we continue to make good collective decisions.

Thank you for your continued understanding and support.

For information on the use of community masks, please go to

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Again, if you have an urgent need to reach Dr. Wohl during this time, please see below: 

Please note:

Monday-Thursday our staff breaks for lunch between 11:30 AM- 12:30 PM.
and their extensions are available for voice mail messages only.
          As always, if you have an urgent need to reach Dr. Wohl during this time, or when the office is closed, please call the main telephone number  and dial ext. "230" to be transferred to his pager.
This transfer may take a few seconds.

Daniel L Wohl, MD is a leading Pediatric ENT physician, specializing in the diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat who is located in Jacksonville, Florida.

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